Stop Being LAZY​

Listen, I understand at times we all get a little tired and worn out, but that’s no excuse to become a lazy human. I sometimes find myself going down the same path to becoming extremely lazy, then I realize that isn’t the kind of life I want to live. PEOPLE. We aren’t promised tomorrow, sure we aren’t like mayflies and only live a day but take a second and pretend like today is your last day on planet earth. Would you be satisfied with your accomplishments? What would you have done differently? Would you regret things? OF COURSE. (for majority of us) Of course, we would find some regret, some things that were left undone, or never accomplished, there would be holes in our life that we though we had eternity to fill. But there is where you and I become very guilty, because that is wrong. We all are living in this crazy world but unfortunately we aren’t all promised tomorrow. So it’s time to stop living the phrase “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I’m too tired”, “I will get it done someday”. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Keep living like that and you are helping bury yourself with a boatload if regret laying right on top of you. So why not go out there set goals and CRUSH THEM. I am not saying get everything done in life you want to do today but I am asking you to take some steps forward, no more coasting through life, or living life in idle. It’s time to lung forward. So decide what it is right now that you will be doing in the next 24 hours that will better you. Maybe one day you want to run a marathon but can’t seem to get your hand out of the chip bag and your eyes unglued off the TV. Well, think of it this way, all you have to do is start with walking, or even a light jog and the more active you are the faster you will lose weight (which is a huge plus) Then within two weeks you will see some results that will keep pushing you. This ties in with my favorite quote to live by is “never skip more than 2 days of doing the things you love”. I use to preach this to my parents when they would find me in the kitchen eating breakfast at 5am before heading out the door to crush about a good hour workout before I had school. At one point they even stopped me and told me its okay to take a break. They were right, it’s okay to take a break, but no longer than two days otherwise your body gets use to being lazy again and you will find it even harder to start.

Dedicate your time to your happiness, not others, because in the end we will always have ourselves

xoxo laur


Ya, that’s right, I took on my very first NASCAR race over the weekend. (along with attending a wedding) Well, I can tell you this much it was definitely an opportunity of a lifetime. We have a family friend who works at the race track, they got us the best tickets the race offers. (which we are so beyond grateful for) I was able to get actual footage of a race car about 3 feet in front of me. How cool right? Oh ya, and right before the races began they held a concert where Josh Turner played right in the center of the infield, it was pretty neat. Besides the extreme heat in the morning, the whole day ended up being very enjoyable. I will have to say I am extremely excited to add another check mark to my bucket list. While I was at the races I brought along my new Canon G7X to try out. The footage I was able to capture was amazing. Now I am on a mission to figure out how to use iMovie in order to make my very first vlog one to remember. Anyway, the ticket we were given allowed us to check out the semis the cars came in, their tool boxes, the crew, and even SIGN the race track. It was such a unique experience. Although the race itself was a little on the tedious side, overall I recommend checking out your locate NASCAR track, even if you just go once, go for the experience. Try something new, you never know, watching cars race could end up being your cup of tea. My favorite saying when trying new things is “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” because it’s SO true. We could try the oddest thing in the world and it ends up being our new favorite thing. So do me a favor and go out there and try something new,  whether they seem to fit your interest or not, give them all a try.

xoxo laur


Keep Learning

Never think you know it all, because you don’t and you never will. Humans have the ability to learn and retain a ton of information. It is honestly astonishing at the amount of information we can store in our brains. Humans naturally believe we are to go to preschool, kindergarten, grade school, high school, than college. Wrong. Sure schools important but does it really teach us the responsibility and tools we need in our every day life? Nope. Not one bit. In my opinion the school system is BEYOND messed up. Why are we learning how to write checks in 3rd grade and then taught how to solve a log problem in high school? What’s the more important skill? For me writing a check is more important but instead of them touching base on those skills we never review them again and my check writing skills have now vanished! How sad right? But if you need to know any pre calculus problem, I got you. (not really because I was awful at math) Anyway, I believe that it is important to keep growing and learning as an individual. Personally I have started to take a step up on the learning platform this week. I attended a photography class today as well as a dance class. To find out I LOVE them both. Not only do I love the classes, but I am learning so much in them. Today I have probably learned 5 new things that I didn’t even know existed. HOW COOL IS THAT? So don’t wait for the “right time” because that doesn’t exist. Every day, every minute, every second, is the RIGHT time to learn. Just think every class you take you are gaining knowledge on a subject that at one time you had NO idea about. I believe there is NO age limit on the ability to learn. If your 20 and fear being the oldest person in your dance class, WHO CARES? If your 70 and really wanted to learn how to weld but fear your too old? WHO CARES? No one is here to judge you for learning to grow as a human. I find it beneficial to keep learning. I personally don’t believe college is the right step for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stay involved and keep growing. So sit down, think long and hard about what you’ve always wanted to learn, or try, or even sit in and watch. AND DO IT. Don’t say “I’ll do it next year” nope. No next year, do it now. I found a helpful resource is “Groupon”. I am looking into starting a writing class that they offer on there Monday! I am so excited.

What are you doing to keep learning and growing as an individual?

may you keep learning as long as you shall live

xoxo laur



Hi all, welcome back. As most of you know, I was recently in West Plains, Missouri this past weekend for my cousins baby shower but we also stopped by Hannibal Missouri on our way home. OMG, it is such a cute little town (great for antiquers), and for those of you who don’t know the town is based on Mark Twain. I personally know very little information about him but still got to see some pretty awesome stuff. While we were there we went though the “haunted house” and “car museum” I will say both of those attractions were not worth the money. The haunted house had 2 little hallways, along with the “wax museum” part which consisted of a few wax people before entering the haunted house. Although it was cheap, I don’t recommend it. As well as the car museum, if that is what your into then you will probably love it, but for my mom and I we lacked an interest in that area (we were suckered into it by them telling us there was “movie props” in there but we didn’t see any). Anyway, I feel as though that town is specifically for people who LOVE antique shopping like my mother and I, we went in and out of every store as well as having a yummy black bean burger at the Mark Twain Brewery. After viewing the shop we decided to walk up 244 stair step in order to get to the beloved light house. I will say it was a long hall up there but I believe that part of the town is a must see. On the way up there you will come across some pretty views of the Mark Twain Lake. (great photo opportunities) There were a few things we never got to make it to such as the boat ride, the trolley, and the BEST antique store Mrs. Clemens. I was so beyond disappointed to find out that the people who own Mrs. Clemens open it on their own time and often leave a trail of disappointed customers behind them. Besides that I highly recommend visiting this town, maybe try to call Mrs. Clemens before attending to make sure they are open (my heart was so sad).

Has anyone else been to Hannibal Missouri?

may you find may treasures throughout your life

xoxo laur

It Was All Just A Dream

One morning I woke up with a vision, a thought, an idea. I laid there thinking to myself, this can’t be real, that would never happen to me. Well, I was still excited that I have even dreamt of feeling such a way that I shot out of bed and sprinted down the hallway. As I approached the kitchen I was in deep thought now “hmmm, what kind of cereal do winners eat” as I was scouring my pantry in which only carried corn flakes and a bag of expired rice creeps. I knew people like me don’t eat that kind of cereal so I grabbed my keys and headed out the door, only to get in my car to notice I wasn’t wearing a bra and I was in house slippers. Marching back into the house I settled for a boring bowl of corn flakes, I know how terrible right? Anyway I managed to get a bowl down but before dumping my milk down the drain I heard a noise coming from my room, “RING, RING, RING” I dropped the bowl and hustled to my room leaving a giant milk spill on my mothers new favorite rug, “Hello, this is Lauren my I help you”, I muttered into the phone as I heard my mom yelling in the background “Are you serious Lauren” I couldn’t help but chuckle at how dramatic of a tone she had used as if they don’t make another rug like the one she had purchased, (mind you it was $5 from the dollar store). As she was mumbling curse words under her breath I heard a stern voice come over the phone “Miss. Rhodes is that you” I was a little thrown off but responded as quickly as possible “Yes, yes it is, may I help you?” I heard a wrestle of papers over the phone as though he had stumbled upon my resume. “Well hello there, my name is Mr. Kingles, I am here to inform you that you have been chosen for the upcoming interview in Los Angeles, next week, at approximately 8 am. Remember to come prepared” I didn’t know what to say, it’s like I was living my dream, only in real life. “OMG, thank you so much, sir, I will be there, thanks again for considering me, I am beyond grateful” I heard him hand the phone over to someone new, a lady then began to speak, “Miss. Lauren, my name is Jennifer, I am Mr. Kingles assistant he ordered me to tell you we will be expecting you January 9th at approximately 8 am, please come in the main entrance, thank you, have a nice evening, bye now” She hung up the phone and I couldn’t help but scream, could this really being happening? I tossed my phone onto my bed and jumped right next to it looking at the ceiling, there’s no way I just predicted my future all within one dream less than 24 hours ago?


Okay, for those of you who don’t believe in pollution and the corruption we are causing to this world, this post isn’t for you. (or maybe it is and I can help you understand). So last night when I got home from my weekend get away to Missouri (which will be my next post) I was notified from one of my mom’s friends that her car had ashes on it, she said it was as though they were falling from the sky. How odd right? Well, in the midst of these two crazy hurricanes there was supposedly a volcano eruption a few states over in which cause it to appear to be “raining ashes” in my town. This was just ridiculous to me. BUT I totally believe it, they say the world will come to an end through a bunch of natural disasters. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE. If we keep creating waste and polluting our planet pretty soon we won’t have one. Think of it this way, at one point on this planet there were dinosaurs, mastodons, the woolly mammoth. If those animals can disappear what makes you think we aren’t able to vanish just as they did? The way we constantly litter is more than enough to take this planet down. I strongly don’t believe that putting it in the trash can is any better though. How can it be good to bury our garbage? Why not pollute the soil while we’re at it right? Recently I have been thinking of more and more ways to REDUCE the garbage I create, I then realized that it’s pretty easy. You are honestly probably throwing away nearly 50% of things that can be RECYCLED. Take a little time out of your day to realize HOW many things that could actually be recycled that you are putting in a landfill. Not to mention the amount of pollution we create every day just doing normal human like things such as driving, running water, wasting food, overuse electricity, using plastic bags, etc. The list is ENDLESS. As humans, we are naturally taught these very wasteful, harmful everyday things. I know you’ve all heard the 5-minute shower rule, but how many of you actually live by it? Because I know I fail at doing that a majority of the time. But just think about the impact we could have on the planet by just limiting our showers to 5 minutes a day rather than 10 or 15 minutes. I am sure some of you are reading this and thinking in your head “I am just one human, how big of a difference can I make?” but instead of asking yourself that tell yourself this “you will save this planet about 4,500 gallons of water and cut your water bill in half by doing so for just a year” Now, doesn’t that sound a lot better? Not only is the planet benefiting from this small change but so are you! So take time to change some things you do that harm our planet, even if it’s small as starting with a 5-minute shower.

I know some of you will read this article and pretend like these things aren’t happening, but it is. You can’t run away from it. The pollution and destruction will always follow you. So instead of pushing this all aside like it means NOTHING, it’s time to make a change. Not to mention if nothing is done now, 40 years from now this amazing planet could not exist anymore. How scary is that?

So, believing that within you is the ability to change the world is the first step in making a difference.

may you start to appreciate our planet more,

xoxo laur

Baby Shower

Howdy, how was your weekend? Mine was great. I got to reconnect with a long-lost best friend along with some of my family. During this weekend I was so grateful to be able to attend my cousins baby shower (she is my best friend since I was little) AND I got to see my little cousins, WIN, WIN, RIGHT? Not only did I get to see all of them, but I also got to take a road trip as well (travel addict lol). Anyway, this weekend I was able to discover some great things, such as pregnancy. My cousin being 5’2″ and having gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy endured some rough patches. Although I know she wouldn’t change anything because she is so grateful they are able to have a baby, I know she has struggled a bit, but having seen her this weekend I know she will be a supermom. I was honored to be able to capture some awesome maternity photos for her. As humans we grow fast and unfortanly most moms don’t get photos done while pregnant but personally I think it is VERY important. Not only for memories to hold on to forever but to be able to show your child, it is special moment, don’t let it pass you by. With that being said I will leave some photos I captured below

Can’t wait to meet baby Kensley

Hope you all had an awesome weekend,

xoxo laur