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Got Haters?

Remember we were put here on this earth to do what makes us happy, not to please others. Instead of retaliating at our haters, lets turn they’re negativity into motivation. But always be yourself not who the world wants you to be. Don’t worry about the haters talking behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason. Show them your smile and keep doing your thing, never let their words bring you to shame.


“Smile. It intimidates those who wish to destroy you”



Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

4 thoughts on “Got Haters?

  1. Oooh, haters. Some person somewhere, at 2am came to my blog and threatened to rape my face……It makes you think “this human, is not like me” and then you start to question your whole species… lol

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