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Stronger Together

Women are told not to wear “revealing” clothes because it could cause them to become a rap victim. Why not instead telling women what to wear, try teaching men common respect. Women are looked down upon as weak. I for sake do not like when people tell me “that’s a man’s job” or “why are you lifting that, where’s your man”. I AM NOT WEAK. I will not tolerate being looked down upon as a fragile item. They look at us as though if we lift too much weight we will break. I am a strong believer that women have every right a man does. Ladies do not let men tell you “muscles are gross on women” or “you shouldn’t wear yoga pants because your too big for them” or “that outfit is to revealing”. We have to stand together hand in hand and take on this crazy world. We can do it ladies. Keep your head high and your standards higher.

womens power 22


Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

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