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Speak Up

Learning to embrace your opinion and speak your thoughts is one of the most important life lessons out there. Just because your friends believe in one thing DOES NOT mean you have to feel the same way about that subject. Learn to be different and stay true to your heart. If you let people control your opinion you will lose what is unique about yourself and turn into the “average human”. You were born with opinions, goals, and dreams that sometimes little to no one will understand. I know from personal experience not many people understand my life, but that’s okay because guess what. Its my life, not theirs. I took a career path with no final destination and that is okay with me. Promise me you will follow your dreams no matter what and stay loyal to yourself. Remember its your life. Not theirs. Do and say what makes you happy, stop worrying about what others think. Its time to start grinding and become the human you’ve always wanted to be.

speak up

xoxo laur


Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

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