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Last Minute Road TRIP #lakegeneva

GUYS!!! Have you ever taken a last-minute road trip? Well let me tell you it is for the THRILL SEEKERS. Getting in a car with little to no information on your destination with nothing planned is the best feeling ever! My family took a road trip last weekend to Lake Geneva. Although it was a little chilly there that didn’t stop us from having a blast. The first day we ventured to some shops down town (they were cute but pricey) but in one of the shops we found the BEST fudge ever! It was in the Mackinac Island shop, be sure to stop in there for some yummy fudge or even one of their 40 different flavors of ice cream! Then we went on to having lunch at Fat Cats. That pork was so good! After we finished stuffing our faces with the beautiful view of the lake we decided to take on the “Clue Room”. Unfortunately we didn’t have a good experience there. They weren’t very professional and they messed up our clues so they offered us another 20 minutes to get out after our time was up but it was pointless at that point because everything in the room was out-of-order. I would say AVOID the Clue Room in Lake Geneva at all cost. It totally wasn’t worth the $124 we spent on it with no refund. It is a ripoff! Shortly after the that we seen a magic show by “Tristan Crist”. Let me tell you this. The theatre was VERY small only about 50 seats with a tiny stage but O M G. The show blew me off my feet. He was phenomenal. I have never seen magic so up close and have no idea how he did it. I won’t tell you much about the show but if you ever adventure to Lake Geneva DON’T forget to get your tickets for the Tristan Crist show!(btw he owns his own theatre in downtown Lake Geneva). After that we decided to end our night with a drink at Hogs and Kisses! It was such a cute little bar with a huge dance floor(and across the street from an ice cream shop) yummy! I do have to say Lake Geneva was the perfect last-minute vacation! I highly recommend it for the outdoorsy ,thrill seeking, adventurers!

xoxo laur


Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

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