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What’s Better Than New Shoes?

For me getting a new pair of shoes is so rewarding, but getting a $35 dollar pair of running shoes is a STEAL. I never thought I could veer away from Nike’s but my new shoes haven’t failed to impress me yet. So I bought my new shoes at Payless and the brand is a bit odd (champion) I haven’t really heard much of, but they are GREAT. For me I have two pairs of workout shoes the “indoor” and the “outdoor” shoes. My new shoes were replacing my old Nike’s for outdoor use only. I get a little wary buying outdoor shoes because of how fast some of them fall apart/get dirty. I do have to say for outdoor use these are the best shoes I have come across. No point in spending $100 on outdoor shoes when they are more likely to get dirty and breakdown faster. These shoes have tons of great features. Such as the grip on the bottom which is great for those of you who love hiking (much like myself). I also noticed they have MEMORY FOAM INSERTS! Why wouldn’t you want extra support on your feet when you take on crazy adventures? Also for anyone who likes wandering around at night they have a built-in reflectors on each side. My favorite part is the BRIGHT color! Who doesn’t like a nice pair of neon running shoes? Also I usually get immense pain in my calves but these shoes seem to steer me clear of any pain. I do have to say I have never bought such a nice pair of running shoes for under $60! So don’t waste any time check them out now!

“Good shoes take you good places”

xoxo laur



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