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Make your adventures happen! Traveling will never be free, but it can be CHEAP! Have you ever heard of an AIR B&B? If not you’re in for a real treat. These places are so chic. You can get a whole apartment to yourself for as low as $20 a night! Sounds unreal right? Well trust me it’s not. I am planning on taking off on a little vaca by myself but I can’t decide where I want to go. (any ideas)  But believe me. TRAVEL while you can. See and do things while your young. Be yourself and believe in yourself. If you want to get on a plane and go across the country DO IT. Make it happen. Start a fund. Set a date. And go on that crazy wild journey of yours. Stop letting the fear of “I don’t have the money for it” hold you back. That’s all just bull shit the non adventurers say to hold those who want to go back. Remember there is so much out there to see. So what’s holding you back?


xoxo laur


Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

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