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I am guessing by the title you can probably guess what todays topic is going to be about (lol) MANNERS. From my perspective I would just like to point out how much our generation has changed and how rude people have become. As a teen in this generation I find it very appalling to see kids my age act with such disrespect towards elders or anyone for that matter. Lets be honest, it doesn’t take that much effort to be respectful of others. When you don’t have something nice to say SIMPLY don’t say anything at all. It breaks my heart seeing this generation being forced to saying the simplest things like “please” or “thank you”. PEOPLE these are common manners, you should be using these words in your daily lives. Someone shouldn’t have to remind you to say them. You as a grown teen should know some respect. I am not only saying it is only the childs fault because it isn’t, it is just as much of the parents fault for failing to teach common manners. BUT COME ON. Rather you learned these words or not its time to start. Grow up and have some respect. Treat people the way you would want to be treated and if they don’t respect that simply move on, don’t dwell on something so small, life goes on.

mannersxoxo laur



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