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Do you even vape bro? #VitaminVape

Every heard of vaping your vitamins? Me either lol, well welcome to 2017 folks. The new and improved vitamin vape pen is taking over. It is proven to be 100s of times more effective then taking a regular vitamin in pill form. The vape pen is specifically b12, which is the vitamin in which gives your body a boost of natural energy. I personally have been taking b12 for YEARS and I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference, it just became part of my daily routine. UNTILL, I tried the vitamin vape pen! It works 100x faster than taking the b12 pill, because inhaling it into your lungs allows it to get absorbed into your system faster, where as taking a pill is an elongated process that 90% of the time you don’t even receive the good nutrients from it because it is already decomposing. So it’s time to kick the b12 pills to the curb my friend. —-> VITAMIN VAPE PEN <— Click here to receive 25% off your very own vitamin vape pen!


xoxo laur


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4 thoughts on “Do you even vape bro? #VitaminVape

  1. Interesting. It could be a good idea for people especially with certain vitamin deficiency. So long as there are nicotine free versions for those who never took nicotine! Interesting 🙂

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