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Dare to be different

Hola bloggers, I just sparked some inspiration as I’m on my way down to Tennessee! ( we are taking a family road trip ekkk) Anyway, I wanted to share the quote “dare to be different” and get some of your guys opinions. How do you feel about this quote and what does it mean to you? Well to me this quote represents a HUGE part in my life. I was always looked down upon for not wanting to go to school and get a “typical” job. I was never one to want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher. That’s just not for me (by all means all of those careers are great but not for me) I always wanted to be a “rockstar” or better yet an “actress” and speaking those words in a small town was totally unrealistic. But to me it was. Shortly after I realized I had different dreams, I kept my mouth shut. I wasn’t embarrassed but was tired of people rolling their eyes at me and telling me I’m crazy. I have kept everything to myself ever since. I will continue to grind every day until I have been, seen, and done it ALL. For those of you who are scared to be different, DO IT. God gave you that mindset for a reason. Trust me. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.


xoxo laur


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5 thoughts on “Dare to be different

  1. I feel very strongly about this quote too, I always like to do things a little different, like carry a cloth bag around for my lunch sandwiches rather than using and throwing out plastic ones every day (lunchboxes are quite bulky). Or being almost vegetarian (I eat meat maybe once a week) not because I care enough about the animals, but because I know how horrible the animal industry is on global warming. Or still playing my Nintendo DS on the train to kill time.
    Just like you say, after a while you notice people just don’t spin that way so you just keep silent about some of your quirks to not ruin the mood or whatever. I think it’s important to just be you, as long as you can be safe and aren’t hurting anyone! 🙂

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  2. This quote is very powerful indeed and very meaningful to me. I spent the best part of my life trying to fit in. It did me no favours whatsoever, hurt my brain and made me a strange patchwork put together type person. Not a healthy way to be. It is only in recent years I am daring to be different, and my God it is liberating! After having cared too long about what others thought of me, the weight that has been lifted now I have dedicated myself to just being authentic, whatever others may make of that. So be it. If they don’t like me as me, then I probably don’t need them around. A good discussion topic for sure 🙂

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    1. LOVE IT!!!! So glad you were able to break away from societies norms. It’s a great feeling to be different. Not many people achieve that in their lifetime, I am so happy you were finally able to reach your full potential & happiness! Thanks for sharing, xoxo laur

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