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Hey y’all, my family and I just got back from Nashville for the day and we had a BLAST. I highly recommend taking a trip there even if it’s just for the day, there is so much to see and do (especially if you are 21, LOTS of cute bars). We made our way down to Nashville to see some of the famous murals, shop and attend a dinner show. To start the down town strip is GREAT for picture-taking as well as souvenir shopping. The vibe I received in Nashville was definitely one to remember between the genuine nice people and the country-style. I do have to say there was a lot of constriction which was upsetting (but that’s everywhere you go). Also we went into the famous Tootsies bar, which was SO cute and had some great country singers. Then we made our way down to Savannah’s Candy Kitchen and purchased their famous Praline! Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is an awesome experience between seeing how they make all of their fresh treats and the cute little train running above your head really gives it a good view (little kids would love it). OH YA, in the back of the store they sell Gelato, if you don’t know what that is your missing out. Gelato is the italian style ice cream which is originally from Italy. Along with visiting many gift shops along with their trendy bars we attended the “Nashville Nightlife Dinner Show” WOW, they were amazing. I personally am not the biggest fan of country music but that show was outstanding. I was really shocked after hearing the background stories of all the performers and how their careers started as well as how they are still continuing them. After a few country songs they brought out “Shot Gun Red”. OMG, he was such a great performer along with being a very impressive ventriloquist. I ended the night with a signed tee-shirt for my dad! So glad we got to celebrate my granny’s 70th birthday in NASHVILLE. Definitely one to remember!

“Country roads take me home, to the place I belong”

Happy Birthday to my SAVAGE granny, keep thriving through your 70’s you rock

xoxo laur



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