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Don’t build regret

Today’s topic is a little bit on the heavy side of emotions. But it needs to be said. People fight over the dumbest things every day and refuse to tell their family members a simple three word phrase before ending the fight. Those words are “I love you”. Unfortunately we aren’t promised tomorrow and we won’t live forever. So I want you to put yourself into this situation, you just got into a terrible fight with your wife ( or vise versa) and she walks out angry and you scream out the window “FU, I hate you”. Then a police officer arrives at your house to notify you that your wife was in a terrible car accident and passed away. HOW GUILTY WOULD YOU FEEL? Pretty damn guilty am I right? So why not end the argument like grown adults and say “I LOVE YOU” and move on, rather your significant other says it or not you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders if you do so. TRUST ME. I know many people who hold so much regret in their hearts because they held someone guilty for something that happened years ago and then something happens to them and all hell breaks loose as if that person would live forever. Guys, I can not stress this enough, if you are fighting with a family member, a friend, a work buddy, or anyone for that matter just DROP IT. Nothing is worth fighting over. Try to be level-headed and take a step back, review the situation, apologies and MOVE ON. I get asked a lot like “why apologize when I did nothing wrong” here is my response. JUST DO IT. Be the bigger person. In my opinion that is when you know you have grown up when saying “I’m sorry” and resolving the issue (even when you didn’t cause it) is a natural reaction. My fellow followers please do me a huge favor and talk to that family you have bad beef with, say hi to the neighbor you “don’t like”, and treat everyone as though today were your last day on this crazy planet we call earth…

xoxo laur


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