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Become Your Own Reality

I personally am a huge believer in motivational speakers and my favorite one has to be Les Brown and this my friends is my favorite quote he says, “Someones opinion of you does not have to become your reality”. Now that you have read that quote I want you to reread it at least three more times, then really let it sink in and think, think really hard about what that means to you. Do you really want to become the negative words that people say to you? Do you really want to stoop down to that level? Absolutely NOT. Don’t ever let someone control your future by letting their words get into your head. You are stronger than that rather you believe it or not. You NEVER have to become what your enemies say you are. Keep on living your life as though those people weren’t there and their words don’t affect you. The more you show them you don’t care the less they will attack you. Words can hurt, but those words are coming from small-minded individuals who can’t see your future, or your dreams are to “far-fetched” for them and THAT’S FINE. But as you are hearing them talk let it go in one ear and out the other don’t let those thoughts stop you from chasing your dream. People who can’t see your future are those who don’t have goals. Remember if you stop chasing your dreams you soon will be working for someone who is chasing theirs. What would you rather have?

“The best revenge is massive success”

xoxo laur



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