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Are You A Quitter?

Why quit before you’ve even tried? Well heres the reason 90% of people give up before they even attempt something great. There is this tiny voice inside of our brains that tells us we are incapable of achieving the things we set out to do in our lives. We are told that we will never succeed and instead we will make a fool out of ourselves attempting. So just think like this instead, why let that tiny voice inside your head win? That voice is guiding your life instead of YOU. Remember when you were little and that voice didn’t exist and you could be and do whatever you set your mind to? What happened to that little kid? I want you all to take time and channel your inner child. I don’t care if that means reminiscing old times when you explored many different career options. But I want you to think deeper into it. Think about how you felt. All you remember is nothing could stop you right? Well then what’s stopping you now? Forget about “fitting in” that is just complete garbage, those who fit in are average, do you really want to live an average live? I personally have many goals I’d like to achieve in my lifetime and living an average life isn’t one. So break out of the norms and stop being afraid to be DIFFERENT. Guess what, being different is such an extraordinary thing, most people never get the chance to be themselves because society shapes their brains into believing in only one thing and that is “average”. So before you think being the outcast is bad, I want you to think about it this way, you never got attacked by the norms of society instead you stayed loyal to yourself. And let me tell you that is an amazing thing to have. So do me a favor and never let that go. Keep going, keep trying, keep failing, keep learning, and keep achieving. If you doubt yourself before you begin you will get no where. So start talking yourself up, you can do those things, you are worthy, you are pretty, you are great. STOP LETTING THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD DESTROY YOU. Please by all means check out the book called “start” by Jon Acuff, it is such a great read, it will not only keep you motivated but open your eyes that EVERYONE starts somewhere.





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