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Travel With Your Heart

Travel, we hear lots of people say, “I’d love to go ______” “to bad I don’t have the money” or even “maybe some day”. Maybe some day… what does that even mean. Listen, time is a ticking time bomb. You are most likely at your job or at school, some of you are probably thinking about traveling and how much you urge to do it but you withdraw yourself from thinking about it because you haven’t developed the funds to do so yet. WRONG, you have been working (weather for a year or 20 years) we all work, we all make money. Now what we do with that money is on us. Sure you have to buy groceries and pay bills, but stop and think about all the things you have bought home and never wore or groceries you have bought just to throw away. (I have done it all before as well there’s no hiding it) but imagine it this way, try budgeting yourself and saving for that trip even if that’s putting $1 in the a jar everyday, just think you are a dollar closer to your dream. Don’t start by sacrificing it all, start by focusing on what you really want. If you are passionate enough about traveling you will make it you main goal and you won’t let it get out of sight until you accomplish it. For me traveling the world is something I would like to accomplish someday, I want to give back to other country’s and build a better tomorrow. I personally have only been out of the United States a few times, but I can tell you this. It is a very eye-opening experience and I encourage each and every one of you to go through exactly what I seen. On that note, if you feel like you are stuck, you hate your 9-5 and you just need out. Look into jobs that offer you to travel with them. Some jobs you work right from your laptop at home and can relocate as much as your heart desires. Does that sound like your ideal cup of tea? THEN DO IT. No more waiting around, “I’ll start tomorrow” NO, start today right now. As your reading this I want you to write down 3 things you can do to build yourself a better tomorrow. Now that you’ve done that, reread them, then start taking baby steps to accomplishing those 3 small tasks. But unfortunately I can only tell you so much. Until then it is your job to create your reality and build your empire.

May you all travel, and accomplish great thing.

xoxo laur


Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

7 thoughts on “Travel With Your Heart

  1. Great post! If you have vacation time coming up, Google Flights is amazing for planning a trip in advance. When you can get round trip tickets to Europe, from the US, for under $400 – travel becomes a lot more manageable. Really helps with turning those “some day, I’ll go to…” into “I’m going to…”.

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