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Lend a helping hand

Do you love to travel? Does the thrill of getting on a plane excite you? Than why not lend a helping hand to someone in need along your journey. I know from a personal experience what it is like in other countries, (although I have only been out of the United States a few times). A lot of people say “instead of helping other countries, let’s try to fix our own first”. Which I will agree the United States has some homeless people and is having some money problems, but WAKE UP PEOPLE. Its time to spread kindness thought out the world instead of being greedy. When will you realize that other countries are living in poverty? I witnessed a mother of three beautiful children collecting the rain water in which fell into a giant metal bowl outside their little shake thrown together with wood and leaves. Thinking a family of four lives in such terrible conditions crushed my heart. It is horrible to watch these children run around barefoot in an outfit that is to small for them because that is probably the only outfit they own. I don’t understand how some people can watch those commercials on TV and not feel bad. THOSE PEOPLE ARE REAL PEOPLE. They are in need of a helping hand. So please do me a favor and along your journey of travel, whether that’s in the united state or on to another country, please be generous enough to help someone out. Think about the happiness you can endure by just giving a child a pair of shoes… I know we all have an over abundance of things we can give away to those who are less fortunate, so its time we do that and take action. No more sitting back and watching the world we live in crumble into pieces right underneath of us instead let’s get up and make a DIFFERENCE. You can be the change the world is looking for. But you can’t until you take ACTION. So grab a friend, and go out there and patch the cracks before its to late.

Take all the adventures you want, but remember to spread kindness along the way.

xoxo laur


Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

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