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Why Vegan?

Hey guys, welcome back to my page. So two nights ago I was laying in my bed watching “What The Health” and was disgusted in my self that I had given up bring vegetarian exactly a year ago. In my process of being vegetarian I learned so much, that even my favorite soup from Panera Bread (broccoli and cheddar) I was unable to eat because it contained chicken broth in it. Near the end go my time being a vegetarian I wont lie I had developed some unhealthy eating habits. So here is some advice I can give you. When cutting out meat it is VERY important to REPLACE it not just eliminate it. Replacing meat can go as far from my favorite vegan brand “Morning Star” to just plain tofu. Because I did it all wrong, instead of replacing I was eliminating and began to become unhealthy. I was eating an overload of pasta, cereal and candy. Well because that’s all I could eat right? WRONG. I should have been indulging in healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grain pastas, and tofu. Don’t make the same mistake as me it’s not fun. Also I believe going vegan is probably the best option out there (all though you may believe different) I think you should gradually go vegan. Don’t just wake up one morning and decide it time to be vegan because it just doesn’t work that way. You will end up buying $500 dollars worth of groceries just to throw them all away. So instead try it the smart way, gradually turn your shopping list vegan. You need to learn to start replacing rather than to wing it and be lost with nothing to eat because what you think may not have animal products in it probably actually does. 90% of the things you eat will probably some way, shape, or form lead back to an animal product. I did some research the other day and found out that even chips contain chicken fat. Now isn’t that just disgusting? We are so blind to what we are really doing and the hard evidence behind it that we refuse to believe that what we are eating is bad. Isn’t it sad that we continue to eat meat after it was labeled a carcinogenic. HOW GROSS. Am I right? Yet after reading this article you will most likely still return to McDonald’s and support the biggest industry in this world that is killing off man kind. Whether we want to believe it or not it’s happening. So you either support it or choose to change. I’m not telling you to become vegan over night because that will never happen and if it does it’s not the healthy way. I’m just telling you to choose wisely. There are researches done that prove eating processed meat is equivalent to smoking 5 cigarettes. So quit frankly we’ve been smoking our whole lives? SO now decide, is it time to quit?

I hope you all make a step in a healthy direction today. Have a blessed evening



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