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Heart to heart

May we all speak a few words to god before we lay down tonight. Can we all take just a minute out of our day to pray for those in need all around the world, but tonight especially for Texas. I would personally like to pray for the families, the colleges, the kids, the students, and everyone involved in this crazy mass destructive hurricane. May god be by not only their sides but also those who are making their way into Texas to help make sure everyone remains safe. It is the time now we send those words to god hoping he will lend down a helping hand and watch over their state as they are going through a rough time. I encourage everyone to donate something, even if it’s just a dollar. But I want you to know that words are just as powerful (in my book words can do more than money will ever be able to) but if you are unable to give, giving the power of prayer is more than enough.

So do me a favor and send a few prayers up to God. Never forget the power of prayer and pray often💕

xoxo laur




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