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Believe in yourself

Stop living life saying “what if”, “what if I don’t get into college”, “what if I’m not good enough”, “what if they don’t like me”. ENOUGH! I am sick and tired of hearing people ask the question “what if”, I understand this phrase is a hard one to shake when you have a voice inside your head telling you these things. That voice is the devil. NEVER listen to the harsh, false comments it makes daily. Shut that voice up with SUCCESS. Also turn your what ifs into things actually accomplish in your life. Think about how great it feels to be successful, now imagine being successful at things you were told you couldn’t do? EVEN BETTER. Am I right? I know from a personal experience that my dreams have been shot down by MANY, including the devil speaking within my head. I have been told countless times that my career isn’t a real career and I will never make it out alive. I was told that being from a small time takes a toll on my advantage to be successful. I was warned that my career would never go anywhere and I would end up jobless unless I had a “backup plan”. I’ve had the tiny voice in my head speak to me multiple times “don’t try that your going to fail”, “you won’t get a call back don’t even try it’s a waste of your time”, “just stop trying you’re not getting anywhere” YOU KNOW WHAT I DID? I shut that voice up with each and every one of my successes I have made in my life thus far. So I encourage you to think that voice is only out to get you, everything it says is harmful to you and needs to be avoided at all cost. It’s important to believe in yourself, and encourage yourself with motivational quotes, books, songs, speeches, whatever keeps you motivated needs to become a part of your everyday life. Not just when you “feel you need it most”. We all need motivation, even if that’s just a simple “you can do this” when you are feeling doubt. Remember to keep yourself one step above those who believe in failure. Keep your dreams in focus, count your blessings and keep succeeding.

May you find success because success will not find you.

xoxo laur


Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

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