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Dare To Change

Well, I decided to pick up some groceries and I was drawn back to my vegetarian ways. I picked up some “bacon” from the brand morning star (100% vegetarian), some soy burgers and stuff to make smoothies (because I’m addicted to tropical smoothie cafe lol and if you don’t know what that is I encourage you to look it up). I have been eating A LOT of bacon tomato sandwiches which is not good for my health AT ALL. But I couldn’t help my self, especially when my grandpa grows fresh vegetables for my family, how could I pass that up? Those of you who have gardens know exactly what I’m talking about, home-grown vegetables are THE BOMB. Anyway, I decided to purchase some veggie bacon to substitute it on my sandwich and OMG, it was amazing. As I was cooking it in the microwave I could smell a strong sent, and it smelt just like BACON. Although it doesn’t look anything like it, it taste the same, personally I think it taste better. I also have been eating “Harvest Snaps” for a while now. They are one of the healthiest alternatives to chips, they are made from lentil beans with 40% less fat. And the best part about them? THEY ARE VEGAN. So today I took the challenge to change a small step in my diet to become a healthier version of myself. What did you do to improve yourself today?

Happy Friday,

xoxo laur



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5 thoughts on “Dare To Change

  1. I bought myself a new food processor – last 2 days whipped up raw snickers flapjack slices, fruit/nut quinoa breakfast bars, spicy black bean veggie burgers and a big pan of 3-bean sweet potato cocao chilli to top the burgers too. Yummy, making my favourite foods in a healthier and cleaner way always boosts me! 🙂

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