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Locked Up

So, today I purchased a book from Barnes and Nobles, “300 writing prompts”. I opened the book to a unformilar question which left me in awe. “If you had to be locked up somewhere overnight, where would it be?”. Honestly I’ve never thought about this, have you? Personally being “locked up” is a fear of mine, but I decided to let the question really sink in and run with it. Hmmmm, BAM it came to me, I would LOVE to be locked up in a mall. How fun would it be to be able to shop ALL night. You could go in and out of stores with no lines! A DREAM COME TRUE. I would make so many purchases including, new earrings, shoes, and clothes. (duh) Anyway I think this is an interesting way to get your brain working in unique ways. Not often do we ask ourselves these silly questions, but sometimes they reveal parts of us we never knew exsisted.

So I challenge you to take in this next question (from my book) and explore it, “You have a magic soap, what does it wash away?”

Now that you have the prompt, I would love to hear your responses, please feel free to comment, what you think and how you feel about this question.

Thanks, I hope your long weekend is treating you well,

xoxo laur


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