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Baby Shower

Howdy, how was your weekend? Mine was great. I got to reconnect with a long-lost best friend along with some of my family. During this weekend I was so grateful to be able to attend my cousins baby shower (she is my best friend since I was little) AND I got to see my little cousins, WIN, WIN, RIGHT? Not only did I get to see all of them, but I also got to take a road trip as well (travel addict lol). Anyway, this weekend I was able to discover some great things, such as pregnancy. My cousin being 5’2″ and having gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy endured some rough patches. Although I know she wouldn’t change anything because she is so grateful they are able to have a baby, I know she has struggled a bit, but having seen her this weekend I know she will be a supermom. I was honored to be able to capture some awesome maternity photos for her. As humans we grow fast and unfortanly most moms don’t get photos done while pregnant but personally I think it is VERY important. Not only for memories to hold on to forever but to be able to show your child, it is special moment, don’t let it pass you by. With that being said I will leave some photos I captured below

Can’t wait to meet baby Kensley

Hope you all had an awesome weekend,

xoxo laur



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