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Okay, for those of you who don’t believe in pollution and the corruption we are causing to this world, this post isn’t for you. (or maybe it is and I can help you understand). So last night when I got home from my weekend get away to Missouri (which will be my next post) I was notified from one of my mom’s friends that her car had ashes on it, she said it was as though they were falling from the sky. How odd right? Well, in the midst of these two crazy hurricanes there was supposedly a volcano eruption a few states over in which cause it to appear to be “raining ashes” in my town. This was just ridiculous to me. BUT I totally believe it, they say the world will come to an end through a bunch of natural disasters. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE. If we keep creating waste and polluting our planet pretty soon we won’t have one. Think of it this way, at one point on this planet there were dinosaurs, mastodons, the woolly mammoth. If those animals can disappear what makes you think we aren’t able to vanish just as they did? The way we constantly litter is more than enough to take this planet down. I strongly don’t believe that putting it in the trash can is any better though. How can it be good to bury our garbage? Why not pollute the soil while we’re at it right? Recently I have been thinking of more and more ways to REDUCE the garbage I create, I then realized that it’s pretty easy. You are honestly probably throwing away nearly 50% of things that can be RECYCLED. Take a little time out of your day to realize HOW many things that could actually be recycled that you are putting in a landfill. Not to mention the amount of pollution we create every day just doing normal human like things such as driving, running water, wasting food, overuse electricity, using plastic bags, etc. The list is ENDLESS. As humans, we are naturally taught these very wasteful, harmful everyday things. I know you’ve all heard the 5-minute shower rule, but how many of you actually live by it? Because I know I fail at doing that a majority of the time. But just think about the impact we could have on the planet by just limiting our showers to 5 minutes a day rather than 10 or 15 minutes. I am sure some of you are reading this and thinking in your head “I am just one human, how big of a difference can I make?” but instead of asking yourself that tell yourself this “you will save this planet about 4,500 gallons of water and cut your water bill in half by doing so for just a year” Now, doesn’t that sound a lot better? Not only is the planet benefiting from this small change but so are you! So take time to change some things you do that harm our planet, even if it’s small as starting with a 5-minute shower.

I know some of you will read this article and pretend like these things aren’t happening, but it is. You can’t run away from it. The pollution and destruction will always follow you. So instead of pushing this all aside like it means NOTHING, it’s time to make a change. Not to mention if nothing is done now, 40 years from now this amazing planet could not exist anymore. How scary is that?

So, believing that within you is the ability to change the world is the first step in making a difference.

may you start to appreciate our planet more,

xoxo laur


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