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Hi all, welcome back. As most of you know, I was recently in West Plains, Missouri this past weekend for my cousins baby shower but we also stopped by Hannibal Missouri on our way home. OMG, it is such a cute little town (great for antiquers), and for those of you who don’t know the town is based on Mark Twain. I personally know very little information about him but still got to see some pretty awesome stuff. While we were there we went though the “haunted house” and “car museum” I will say both of those attractions were not worth the money. The haunted house had 2 little hallways, along with the “wax museum” part which consisted of a few wax people before entering the haunted house. Although it was cheap, I don’t recommend it. As well as the car museum, if that is what your into then you will probably love it, but for my mom and I we lacked an interest in that area (we were suckered into it by them telling us there was “movie props” in there but we didn’t see any). Anyway, I feel as though that town is specifically for people who LOVE antique shopping like my mother and I, we went in and out of every store as well as having a yummy black bean burger at the Mark Twain Brewery. After viewing the shop we decided to walk up 244 stair step in order to get to the beloved light house. I will say it was a long hall up there but I believe that part of the town is a must see. On the way up there you will come across some pretty views of the Mark Twain Lake. (great photo opportunities) There were a few things we never got to make it to such as the boat ride, the trolley, and the BEST antique store Mrs. Clemens. I was so beyond disappointed to find out that the people who own Mrs. Clemens open it on their own time and often leave a trail of disappointed customers behind them. Besides that I highly recommend visiting this town, maybe try to call Mrs. Clemens before attending to make sure they are open (my heart was so sad).

Has anyone else been to Hannibal Missouri?

may you find may treasures throughout your life

xoxo laur


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