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Ya, that’s right, I took on my very first NASCAR race over the weekend. (along with attending a wedding) Well, I can tell you this much it was definitely an opportunity of a lifetime. We have a family friend who works at the race track, they got us the best tickets the race offers. (which we are so beyond grateful for) I was able to get actual footage of a race car about 3 feet in front of me. How cool right? Oh ya, and right before the races began they held a concert where Josh Turner played right in the center of the infield, it was pretty neat. Besides the extreme heat in the morning, the whole day ended up being very enjoyable. I will have to say I am extremely excited to add another check mark to my bucket list. While I was at the races I brought along my new Canon G7X to try out. The footage I was able to capture was amazing. Now I am on a mission to figure out how to use iMovie in order to make my very first vlog one to remember. Anyway, the ticket we were given allowed us to check out the semis the cars came in, their tool boxes, the crew, and even SIGN the race track. It was such a unique experience. Although the race itself was a little on the tedious side, overall I recommend checking out your locate NASCAR track, even if you just go once, go for the experience. Try something new, you never know, watching cars race could end up being your cup of tea. My favorite saying when trying new things is “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” because it’s SO true. We could try the oddest thing in the world and it ends up being our new favorite thing. So do me a favor and go out there and try something new,  whether they seem to fit your interest or not, give them all a try.

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