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Stop Being LAZY​

Listen, I understand at times we all get a little tired and worn out, but that’s no excuse to become a lazy human. I sometimes find myself going down the same path to becoming extremely lazy, then I realize that isn’t the kind of life I want to live. PEOPLE. We aren’t promised tomorrow, sure we aren’t like mayflies and only live a day but take a second and pretend like today is your last day on planet earth. Would you be satisfied with your accomplishments? What would you have done differently? Would you regret things? OF COURSE. (for majority of us) Of course, we would find some regret, some things that were left undone, or never accomplished, there would be holes in our life that we though we had eternity to fill. But there is where you and I become very guilty, because that is wrong. We all are living in this crazy world but unfortunately we aren’t all promised tomorrow. So it’s time to stop living the phrase “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I’m too tired”, “I will get it done someday”. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Keep living like that and you are helping bury yourself with a boatload if regret laying right on top of you. So why not go out there set goals and CRUSH THEM. I am not saying get everything done in life you want to do today but I am asking you to take some steps forward, no more coasting through life, or living life in idle. It’s time to lung forward. So decide what it is right now that you will be doing in the next 24 hours that will better you. Maybe one day you want to run a marathon but can’t seem to get your hand out of the chip bag and your eyes unglued off the TV. Well, think of it this way, all you have to do is start with walking, or even a light jog and the more active you are the faster you will lose weight (which is a huge plus) Then within two weeks you will see some results that will keep pushing you. This ties in with my favorite quote to live by is “never skip more than 2 days of doing the things you love”. I use to preach this to my parents when they would find me in the kitchen eating breakfast at 5am before heading out the door to crush about a good hour workout before I had school. At one point they even stopped me and told me its okay to take a break. They were right, it’s okay to take a break, but no longer than two days otherwise your body gets use to being lazy again and you will find it even harder to start.

Dedicate your time to your happiness, not others, because in the end we will always have ourselves

xoxo laur


Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

8 thoughts on “Stop Being LAZY​

  1. Oh man, isn’t laziness just the most indulgent thing some days! I swear I’ll lay on the couch every once in awhile, be out of candy crush lives, and think, “It would make me feel better to cook a nice meal or go for a walk” and instead I just lay there being miserable! Inspiring post. Keep it up!

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  2. Lauren, thank you so much for stopping by my blog “How’s that Jumping Off A Cliff Thing Going?”. Jumping off a cliff (not literally) was my way to stop being lazy and FINALLY follow my dream. Should have done it years ago. Thanks again and Snarf On!

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