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Praying For Vegas

Last night a tragedy struck America once again. Things will never get easier but we can get stronger. Lets go hand in hand on this one and FIGHT BACK. Don’t ever let them win. EVER. We as Americans must help those in need by donations following a prayer. If you are unable to give, that is completely fine, the power of prayer is much stronger. I don’t want us to have to live in fear of leaving our own homes. NON SENSE. This is our country and we MUST fight for it. Lets fight for the lives that were lost and those who have been injured. Lets give back to those family no only prayers but offer them love and support. It is very important we pull together as a whole. I would like to say, I am beyond sorry to anyone who was attending that concert and had to witness such a horrific sight. No one should ever have to experience that in their entire life time. Its time we build a strong foundation for those who have been wounded or are suffering a loss. Don’t hesitate to take a step forward in a positive direction towards helping others. ITS SO IMPORTANT. For me personally, it hurts to watch such a tragic accident unfold right in front of my eyes. I can’t believe how ungodly a person would have to be to do such a thing, but I think its time to FIGHT BACK. (I will never stop repeating this because it’s very important) We must NEVER let them win. In my eyes they will always lose. I hope you all hold your heads high, help others, and become stronger together. They will never break the bond this country has created, now lets show them that.

I will continue praying,

God Bless America,

I love you all, may we all find the grace in god,

xoxo laur



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