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Story Time (behind my blog name)

Okay so funny story,

May of this year my boyfriend and I went to Punta Cana, I was so trilled and excited, I made him take literally 1,000 photos of me (as I did of him) and I just kept thinking to myself how awesome it would be to do this as a living, become a full-time blogger or vlogger. Like total dream right? Well after experiencing so many cool things and capturing some awesome footage, I decided why not start a blog? Even if it’s just for fun. I should at least try. So on our way home I was brainstorming ideas, hmmm what could I name my blog. I literally wrote down about 40 words in my notes and was sorting through them like a crazy lady, it was ridiculous. I kept trying to rhyme, or mash words together that shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. It was a literally mess. Then I thought about the coconut my boyfriend  and I shared on the beach and BAM, it hit me like a ton of bricks “cocoforcoconuts” that’s what I’ll name my blog. I was so excited I was trying to get his attention (because he was across the aisle) so it hit him really hard with my phone and may or may not have shouted “cocoforcoconuts” a wee bit loud. LOL.

So that’s how the name for my blog was created.

I would love to hear stories about how you started your blog or the back story behind your blog name!

Leave a comment below sharing your stories.

also quick quote of the day: “Only dead fish go with the flow”

xoxo laur



Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

12 thoughts on “Story Time (behind my blog name)

  1. Where’d the name for my blog come from ? Ahhh….the memories…I used my pen name back in the day when i was 16 in High School and i penned some of my early writings and poetry..and a few romantic numbers…the pen name stuck in college…some are still on a repository at – you’ll find the link on my site…the best stuff is published there.

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  2. Oh Lauren, I thought you were born on a tropical island. Well this is so pretty to give it such name, memories will always remain. I named my blog after the life I lived when I was growing up with everything old, shabby, chic, a very old tradition. I still love everything vintage and I named my blog “My Country Epoque.” And plus I just opened another page in my menu on top of my blog heading, called “Badamier and Cannelle.” It also has a great story of my childhood and it is going to be the name for my crafts that I do for interior decorations. Will be printing my labels soon. I really love the name of your blog, since I am an Island girl. Makes me want to drink coconut water hahaha lol!

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  3. I used to gamble on English Premiere Football back in the day. My betting name was “The yank from Tennessee” since we placed bets in the UK. As the season went on I started to win which pissed off the Brits so they started calling me a “Carbunkle” which is fancy word for boil. I adopted it and added the Trumpet as my last name since I am a big blues fan. The English were not pleased that Carbunkle Trumpet won the pot that year.

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