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One down, many more left to attend. Over the weekend my boyfriend and I attended a local pumpkin farm where we were able to pick out our pumpkins, feed animals, and watch a pig race. How exciting right? Well it was very enjoyable until the rain decided to take over. (lame I know lol) But honestly that didn’t stop me from having a blast. I will have to say Bengstons Pumpkin Patch is very nice but a little on the pricey side for admission. It cost $38 dollars for the both of us to get, which included a few ride and a pig race. Although I really enjoyed that pumpkin farm, I was very distraught that when it started pouring down rain (literally 20 minutes after we got in), you then had to PURCHASE, a very cheap garbage bag to put over yourself. How upsetting, after I paid $38 dollars to even be inside the pumpkin farm that didn’t include the food to feed the animals, or our pumpkin and we couldn’t get a FREE garbage bag. Annoyed. I do have to say that was a wee bit upsetting, so if you plan on attending Bengstons Pumpkin Patch in Homer Glen, Illinois, but sure there is no rain in the forecast. Anyway, they did have a HUGE selection of pumpkins which made me very excited. It took me about 20 minutes before I found the PERFECT pumpkin (lol).

I am excited to say I am one step closer to marking that off my bucket list, one down, two to go.

Be sure to keep on checking things off your fall bucket list, its crunch time y’all

Quote of the day: I’ve never met a pumpkin I didn’t like

xoxo laur


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3 thoughts on “PUMPKIN PACTH

  1. What a cute post! I can totally relate as we went to a Pumpkin patch this past weekend and man was it pricy! I don’t we went think the activities are worth the price, but it’s fun to join in seasonal outings! Thanks for your like. ❤

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    1. Right, I remember when I use to go when we were little it was free to get in you just had to pay for your pumpkins, food, and a few ride. It’s sad, they are making things so unaffordable. But I do agree, it is defiantly a good time. Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a blessed week, xoxo laur


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