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Pursue What Makes You Happy

It’s important that we pursue OUR dreams and do what makes US happy. Forget about trying to make the other 3.5 billion people on this planet happy and focus on yourself. There is a fine line between being a genuinely nice human and trying to please the whole planet. (you never will). You can do EVERYTHING right and someone will still find something about you that irritates them. But that’s not your problem because its time to pursue your purpose. As soon as you agree with yourself to chase after your goals in life EVERYONE will question you, even family. They will ask you “why pursue a career that makes no money” or “who would ever want to do that” or simply just “why”. And you might even find the urge to try to answer all their questions and explain why but honesty there is NO point. If they are willing to ask you these questions in the first place they most likely wont understand even after you explain and you will become frustrated which will then create tension between you guys. So I know how hard it is to “let things go” but in this situation, you just have to. I am not saying don’t ever defend yourself but when you feel as though they are still nagging about what you’re doing after you explained, its time to lay that problem to rest and move on. You understand your goals, your path, and your own expectations and that’s the only thing that is really important. Be you. Not someone the world is trying to morph into. Down the road you may run into some bumps, but those bumps are everywhere, they will be down ANY road you take, so make your own. Take your own path. But better yet, pursue your purpose no matter what anyone says.

Quote of the day: “Instead of pursuing money, pursue your soul purpose. It’s the quickest route to what you were born to do.”

xoxo laur




Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

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