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Time To Take Off

Time to fly high again, back on the plane I go. I will be NYC bound this Thursday, how exciting right? Only one thing, what to pack? I constantly struggle with packing, its either I over pack, or under pack and forget things. (I am good at both lol) But this time I plan on vlogging my trip so its important I pack some unique outfits with accessories of course. Personally I have been to NYC quite a bit, 1. because that’s where my sister lives 2. I filmed an independent movie their last year. So I became a frequent to the NYC lifestyle. I do have to say, I love the city life, although I just can’t seem to picture myself living anywhere but California. NYC is such an amazing place though, I will say that. Between the all the different museums, shows, restaurants, musicals, shopping, I mean you could never do it all. I highly recommend visiting when they put up all the Christmas light, man is it pretty. Christmas is such a magical time, and NYC always finds a way to capture that perfectly.

This trip my family has planned to attend the 911 museum, eat at the Jekyll & Hyde restaurant, see a show, and of course get a schmackary’s cookie for the plane ride home

I will be reviewing my visit on my bog, so stay tuned,

Quote of the day: “New York is the city that other cities can only dream of being”

xoxo laur


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4 thoughts on “Time To Take Off

  1. I agree- I totally love NYC, but can’t really picture myself living there! The energy of the city is very great! I just got back from spending 10 days there- it was amazing! I spent way too much money. As far as packing goes, I keep it simple. It’s not a third-world country, so if you forget something that you realized you needed, I’m sure you can find it for sale there.

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