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NYC Must Do’s

Tourist in NYC?
Heck ya, here’s the list of MUST DO/EAT/SEE in NYC, all things touristy👻
1. 9/11 museum
2. Brooklyn bridge
3. 2 bros (dollar pizza)
4. Little Italy
5. Statue of Liberty
6. Central Park
7. A show
8. Schmackary’s cookies
9. Bike NYC
10. Time square

Haven’t heart of any of those places/things, then you are at a loss my friends. Those are some of the BEST things in NYC. Don’t feel left out though, you still have time to check them all out for yourself😇

Here’s a little bit about each item I have put on my list!

1. The 9/11 museum. This place is breathtaking. I have no words left for how amazing they have made the memorial, not only is it big but it holds so much history within the worst event in America. Although it is heartbreaking, I highly recommend checking it out (it’s $24 for an adult ticket) be sure not to miss out on this opportunity.
2. Brooklyn bridge. One of the best picture places in the city. (especially at night) the bridge lights up so beautifully along with the city skyline in the background. Bloggers, this place is for you! Not to mention they have tons of little eateries as well as shops.
3. 2 Bros pizza. Sounds a little odd right? Dollar slice of pizza in one of the most expensive city’s in America. Well it’s true folks and you CANT miss out. Not to mention they have a deal 2 slices of pizza and a can of pop for 2.99, can’t beat that am I right? So if your feeling pizza or overwhelmed by the NYC prices head on over to 2 bros to pick out your $1 slice.
4. Little Italy. The best area in the city to grab Italian food as well as walk in and out of multiple little shops. (A little pricey but worth it)
5. Statue of Liberty. Okay this is obviously a MUST SEE in NYC. But if it wasn’t on your list, it should be now. You can take a ferry right to the statue or even just take a loop around it if you don’t feel like getting off. Personally I have done both. I think either option is just as great as the other. (another great photo opportunity my fellow bloggers)
6. Central Park. A great place to relax without the craziness of the city. Take some time to appreciate the nature within the city. Perfect place to picnic, take some photos, a carriage ride, or just relax. Also just people watching can get very interesting in the city (lol)
7. A show. Seeing a play or a musical in the city is a MUST, right? I have only been to a handful but the ones I have attendees have all been great! So this is something I would jump after. Off-Broadway shows tend to be less expensive vs the original Broadway shows. But if you are a big stickler about your shows, Broadway may be the best way to go! (but there are so many shows research your options)
8. Schmackary’s cookies. THE BEST COOKIE IN THE CITY. I am honestly in love with these cookies, they are a little on the pricey side, but once again, well worth it. You can even make your own personal ice cream sandwich. Also be sure to check out their seasonal flavors, they are the best.
9. Bike NYC. Ever think about biking the city, we didn’t, until today. But it was hands down the best thing we did in the city. Not only were we able to make it to our destination 10x faster, we got to use the bikes all day for $12 a person.
10. Time square. The most basic tourist attraction there is. But if you’ve never done it before, DO IT. Must see’s in time square include: the Hershey store, m&m factory, a NYC shop, the naked cowboy, ripley’s believe it or not, the was museum, haunted house, and of course the giant square.
ALSO QUICK NOTE: Don’t forget about the power of Groupon. Use it to your advantage people.

Anyway, if you are planing a trip into the big apple, be sure to check out these places, I’m sure you’ll love them all just as much as I do (or the typical tourist lol)

Time to book your stay,

Quote of the day: “Wanderlust and city dust”

xoxo laur


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