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Haunted House

Alright guys, I keep on checking things off my bucket list, and tonight the haunted house one has been completed. (yaaaay) I went to the local spook hike in my town, done by our lions club and it was GREAT. Such good detail as well as some good actors, they never fail to impress. Anyway while I was there I noticed the fear in many people’s eyes (even my own) that couldn’t be shaken. What were we afraid of? Why are humans naturally afraid of the dark? Why do we run from fear? Well truth is, there is no “real” answer but I learned that instead of running, its important to face your fears. The minute you acted scared in the haunted house the actors were all over you, but if you heal your head high and kept cool they most likely left you alone. Why is this you may ask? Well because the minute someone knows they are getting to you they will keep poking until you finally give in or you have been pushed to far. That’s when its important to FACE your fears, not run. Stop being scared to follow your dreams because of “failure” or you simply “can’t”” do it. WRONG. I am a strong believer the word can’t shouldn’t exist. Its called try. If you fail that’s fine, try again, but never belittle yourself by telling someone you can’t do something. Not only have you let them win but you have now given them the power. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO. Stop letting people tell you differently. You have so much potential, use it. Don’t let fear eat you alive, instead stomp it to the ground and keep traveling down your path to success.

Quote of the day: “What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do”

Hope you are all enjoying your Friday night,

xoxo laur


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