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November 1st (means christmas time)

AHHHHH, welcome back to my blog, I apologize I haven’t posted in a few days I’ve been extremely busy with some new things I am taking on in my life, but anyway. WELCOME BACK, but this time its Christmas time! YAY! Christmas is my all time FAVORITE holiday, I am extremely excited to start decorating as well as begin my christmas shopping. I know it was just Halloween yesterday, but can you blame me, Christmas is the most magical time of the year!

Bringing it back to Halloween for a quick second, how was your day spent? I attended a haunted house with a few people in my cast the night before Halloween! We went to the Statesville Haunted Prison in Lockport, IL. Honestly I was extremely nervous before going in but after we went through the first half it wasn’t nearly as scary as I expected it to be. They lacked actors which made it less interesting because the one actor in the room would scare the people in front of you and then you would see it coming. Not to mention every like 3 rooms you go in they stop you and make you re-line up, which also takes away from the thrill. Oh ya, and while we were in the haunted house they puffed a huge cloud of smoke at us in one of the rooms so we couldn’t see which way to go so we ACCIDENTALLY went down the wrong path and the guard cussed us out saying we are no longer allowed to go through the haunted house, but then oddly enough she let us finish it. But personally I was going to go anyway I paid $30 to get in there! So overall I recommend avoiding that haunted house!

But then on Halloween we did a small family gathering at my aunts and watched all the trick-or-treaters get their candy, while we ate our soup! Not to mention I may or may not have taken down a while bag of candy within like 5 minutes… (lol) whoops.

I hope your Halloween was spooky and filled with family fun!

also just a quick p.s. Wal-Mart has warm Christmas leggings for $6

can’t beat that, so get them while they are still available,


Happy (late) Halloween,

and cheers to CHRISTMAS,

xoxo laur








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2 thoughts on “November 1st (means christmas time)

  1. Christmas is coming? can we get November out of the way first ??? Pretty Please, with sugar on top ??? I can still smell the smouldering wood of the bonfires from yesterday…. AHEM! sorry – winter gets me like this. Looking forward to festive fun immensely – when December gets here of course….Hope you have a great Christmas. Inky.


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