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Hoodie Allen Concert

Concert season is HERE, while it’s always here, but you know what I mean. The rap concerts have arrived in the CITY! Attended Hoodie Allen last night and man was it LIT. If you don’t know who he is, check him out, he is such an amazing artist, and he runs his own show. That’s right, just him. No stage manager or record deal, he does it all. So if that doesn’t make you like him I promise his music never fails as well as his genuinely nice personality. How many concerts have you been to that the artist actually crowd surf’s, for me NONE. Hoodie made the concert so personal, it was amazing. I personally attended his concert at the Vic Theater in Chicago. I would definitely return there again, the venue was the perfect size. We also didn’t have to wait in a huge line (although he did post a huge line at a few of his venues) so we got lucky and only had to wait about 30 minutes. When we got inside Hoodie was in the lobby signing and selling his wear, so causally it was almost as though he wasn’t famous. I mean there was a huge line, but the relaxation and trust he has in his fans is truly amazing. He never fails to put a personal touch on his work. The concert was breath-taking, starting with a fake money gun, then to cake being thrown, to water being splashed, then last but not least crowd surfing. Whats better than that? If you are interested in attending one of his upcoming concerts click the link below!

—> He has just begun his Hype Tour, so I’m sure he will be in your area soon, be sure to check him out, and get you tickets while they’re still available! <—

Also, if you’re attending rap concerts don’t forget to spice up your outfit little bit,

For me personally I did boyfriend jeans from Love Culture, sheer shirt with crop top and choker from Charlotte Russe, Booties from Kmart

Be sure to put together the PERFECT outfit, because its important to feel bad and boujee

Quote of the day: Life is a highway without a test drive” – Hoodie Allen


xoxo laur



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