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How To Succeed In 2018

This is OUR year. The year that we live our BEST life. Forget the past, you can’t change it, instead look towards the future and learn to shape your dreams NOW. There is no going back in time, so why focus all of you energy on negative things that have happened IN THE PAST, leave them there. From this very moment on I want you to completely forget about all things “negative” in your life. All of those things happened for a reason to help mold you into the person you are today, but if you let that negative energy continually drag you down, you will end up getting suck and living an AVERAGE life. Scary, right?

You are reading this post for a reason, rather you are looking to be successful in your career, your life, your relationship or your happiness, it doesn’t matter it all starts with one thing.

       POSITIVITY. If you were to wake up tomorrow and completely change your mindset to look at the world in a most positive way I guarantee you, you have officially made one of the hardest steps towards being successful and that my friends is the very FIRST step. Once you have altered your mind to think positively the rest will start to flow naturally, but it is cruel to keep your mind focused on positive energy. Knock down any negative energy that comes your way and you will be in the clear.

SELF LOVE. Behind every successful person is someone who believed enough in themselves to make them succeed. They were passionate not only about their dream but about THEMSELVES. If you want to succeed, you must learn to love yourself. Whats going to happen if you get a call for the job of you dreams, but you hate yourself so much the tiny voice in your head talks you out of going, or makes up excuses why you aren’t good enough. NO. Step up to the plate and learn to love yourself. If you are busy focusing on your flaws opportunities will fly right by you and you will be too nervous to reach out and try to achieve them. Stop worrying about failure, YOU CAN DO THIS.

 IMAGINATION. Odd, I know. But how on earth can we keep pushing towards a dream we can’t see? That’s insane, so I highly encourage to crack open your 6-year-old self and imagine what it would be life if you were living your dream. Really think about it. Close your eyes and picture yourself the CEO of your own company, or the nurse you’ve always wanted to become, see yourself as that successful doctor. You must see it in order to be able to achieve it. Now that you have visualised what it is like to imagine yourself living your dream. I want you to visualize that same picture that came to mind EVERY time you lose hope. Take a step back and really see what your life COULD be like if you just keep going.

DONT RELY ON OTHER. This is huge. People are constantly blame others for their lack of success in life due to their own laziness. No one is holding you back from being successful but yourself. You can’t sit here and say while “this person was supposed to do this, that’s why our company fell through” okay and so maybe that is true. But it’s not their fault, its your own. You can not rely on others to help you succeed, you must create your own path. This world is a viscous place, everyone is constantly trying to knock you off your game so they can take your place on the road to success. DONT let them do that. Hold your ground and stay loyal to yourself.

OPEN MIND. You must stay open-minded throughout the whole ride to becoming successful, because the minute you become close minded, is the minute your thoughts take a turn for the worst. So what if you have to start as an intern doing the peasant work. MAJORITY of successful people start from little to nothing. So you must constantly be open to new experiences and opportunities, because you never know, you could start working for a company and end up the CEO. So breathe in the positive energy, open your mind and try new things.

MAKE HABITS/ BECOME OBSESSED. I already know what you are thinking “obsessed omg your crazy” and you are right, I am. But let me tell you a quick story. I become infatuated with the gym, where I would wake up early get a good workout in and then maybe even do a small workout in my room later that day. I was obsessed, my parents started to notice this and would tell me “you are so obsessed, missing a day is okay” and after a while of hearing this I started to believe it and then 3 months later I wasnt going to the gym. Why? Because I let my obsession die out. You must be obsessed with want you want and do it RELIGIOUSLY. The second some one tells you “omg stop, you are so obsessed” look at them and say “your right” and KEEP GOING. Dont ever stop. It’s okay to become obsessed with a dream of your, in fact I encourage you to become obsessed with your dream. Make it a habit, become obsessed, then you shall succeed.

GRINDNow last but not least, the final step in accomplishing all of your goals in 2018. THE GRIND. If you have made it this far DONT stop. Keep grinding. Turn all the steps above into the final action but don’t get discouraged, you may be in this phase for a month, 6 months, or even 2 years. This phase is on going so it is very important you keep your motivation high and you KEEP GRINDING. Don’t stop when you have achieved your goal. Set another one and follow the same steps and crush yet another goal of yours you once though would be impossible. It is so important to keep growing and learning along your journey. Don’t forget no matter how successful you are, there is always something new to learn.

You have officially received the knowledge to make 2018 the best year of your life. Time to take action.

Remember “the only thing keeping you from getting what you want in life in life is the story you keep telling yourself about why you don’t have it. divorce your story and marry the truth”

xoxo laur




Aloha, my name is Lauren Rhodes. I would like to welcome you to my page all things; fitness, fashion, and travel.

One thought on “How To Succeed In 2018

  1. I love your very positive outlook on life! Right now, I’m obsessed with saving enough money to make the next big move in my life and be able to afford it, and also to possibly make my side hustle work my full time job by this time next year. (Don’t know if it’s possible but I am definitely going to work on it.)

    You say one of your goals is to move someplace new before you turn 20 – where are you thinking of relocating to?

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