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Welcome Back

Well, seeing its been a few months since I’ve been actively blogging (My bad). I guess I should give you a run down of where I’m at.

I currently have been traveling as much as possible,

I’ve been to Nashville, St.louis, New York City, Bahamas, and in a week I will be in Florida.

I currently have 4 jobs, so managing time in-between all of them and still trying to have a social life is a little hectic lol

BUT, I have decided that my next big step will be moving. I am giving myself until September 1st to get some things in line.

I am looking towards California, but I am not 100% sure where I will end up.

I want to travel as much as a I can while I am still young will little worries.

I WILL be posting on YouTube religiously again starting this week! So be sure to check that out as well.

But as of now I am starting to work more on myself and focus less and less on what people think of me. It’s crazy how easily it is to get distracted especially this generation. But I guess those who find a way to get back on track succeed in the end.

So I guess I’ve learned its better to come back to something that has been unfinished then to just give it up.

Quote of the day: Note to self, GO HARDER