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Hey guys, welcome back! Only this time things are a little different. I decided to change gears and keep you guys up to date with the latest fashion! So this video is my very first clothing haul on the store Love Culture! I hope you guys enjoy it and if you did please be sure to give me a thumbs up, if you didn’t leave a comment to let me know what I can fix. Please subscribe!!

you guys rock,
xoxo laur

Also don’t forget to check out the amazing deal at Love Culture:

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Shopping Spree (tips to keep you on budget)

Hey guys, welcome back, this post is about the tips and ticks I use to help keep me on budget while I do some damage shopping (it gets risky lol). So on Wednesday I took on a little shopping and ended up with some GREAT deals. Now for those of you who aren’t bargain hunters and tend to go for the “name brands” and most “expensive” item, this post probably isn’t for you. But if you’d love to learn my tips and tricks to shopping on budget, then stick around! I personally think everything over $10 is expensive (some of you might think I’m crazy) but I tend to buy clothes $10 and under, the best deal I got on my last shopping spree was a $3 shirt! SUCH A STEAL. Alright so here are my tips to a successfully CHEAP shopping spree:

  1. GO STRAIGHT TO THE SALE RACK. No I’m not talking about the “20% off this $90 shirt” I’m talking about the SALE rack, the one in the way back of the store, hidden, with shirts as cheap as a dollar. Now that you are there DIG, I understand some times this can get very tedious and annoying but I’d personally rather spend 10 mixtures digging than pick up a $50 shirt and purchase it (I’m all about deals lol). tip: keep digging, there’s always a good deal in that crazy mess
  2. NEVER CHECK OUT WITHOUT A COUPON. You may think that sounds ridiculous but you don’t understand how much money you can save by simply going to “” and searching the store you are in to pull up a coupon, BAM, just as easy as that. I personally am a HUGE fan of their website, they have saved me hundreds of dollars. Also if you can’t find a coupon as the person who is checking you out if they have any coupons available you can use (most of the time they do) tip: coupons are key
  3. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, TRY YOUR CLOTHES ON. Yes, I know this isn’t always the ideally thing you want to do while shopping but if you want to assure yourself the piece of clothing you are about to purchase fits exactly how you want it to, then TRY IT ON. Also most things on the clearance rack are FINAL SALE, even though its cheap there is no point in wasting $10 for a clothing item you aren’t going to wear. tip: always try on, just because it looks cute on the hanger

Okay, so I hope those small tips help you get the most out of your next shopping trip,

also I am thinking about making a clothing haul,

what do you think? leave a comments below with your thoughts,

(I really appreciate it)

thanks again, you guys rock,

Quote of the day: “Shopping is the best medicine”

xoxo laur

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FALL Fashion

ITS FALL TIME, (well its fall but 90 degrees outside) lol anyway, fall time means, scarves, glasses, boots and sweater dresses. YAY. I can’t wait to shop all things fall. What does your fall fashion consist of?

This weekend I finally broke down and bought the top two things on my fall fashion list!

  1. Attitude Glasses
  2. Cello Jeans

BOTH, such great purchases. I am so glad I was able to finally get them. I was putting outfits together this weekend for my next shoot and I’m so excited. It reminded me how important fashion is. Having the perfect outfit on can completely change your mood about how your feel, look, and the confidence you hold. Majority of the time when we look good, we feel good, am I right? So why not spend $50’s on jeans if they make you feel like 100 dollars. To me if it makes you feel your best, BUY IT. I don’t care how much money it is, everything is worth your happiness. Also its just money, they print more everyday folks. So its time to go out there and purchase your fall wardrobe. Maybe its time to sell some summer clothes or better yet donate them. I personally love donating my clothes to locate charities because I know I can help someone in need, to me that warms my heart. So guys, I am ready to hear all about your fall fashion.

Drop a comment below of your favorite fall attire!

xoxo laur

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My favorite tea room outfit consist of a dress I recently purchased at Ross, along with my Alex and Ani bracelets, oh ya and I can’t forget about my sunglasses from Charlotte Ruse. Honestly this outfit is trendy yet affordable. I personally love the “denim look” right now, because to me it gives off a great summer vibe. Also I have an addiction to the Alex and Ani bracelets. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, each bracelet tells it own story, in which is very powerful and motivating. I highly recommend adding them to your daily outfit to “spice” things up a bit. As for my sunglass, those were a last-minute end of summer buy on my vacation in Tennessee. I LOVE THEM. They are great sunglasses and they were only $4 can’t really beat that! But any who, whats your favorite summer outfit?

enjoy these last few weeks of summer

xoxo laur

p.s. charlotte ruse bodysuits are on sale!!



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Fashion First Ladies

Hello ladies, welcome to my Fashion First page. This page will be dedicated to my spunky, crazy, colorful outfits. I can’t wait to share with you some of the new products I will be receiving soon! Feel free to look at all aspects of my blog, I do reviews, inspirational, rants, travel and much more! I am willing to collaborate with anyone on ideas or new shoots. (email me at Meanwhile check out my fashion page to get the hottest looks NOW!



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What’s Better Than New Shoes?

For me getting a new pair of shoes is so rewarding, but getting a $35 dollar pair of running shoes is a STEAL. I never thought I could veer away from Nike’s but my new shoes haven’t failed to impress me yet. So I bought my new shoes at Payless and the brand is a bit odd (champion) I haven’t really heard much of, but they are GREAT. For me I have two pairs of workout shoes the “indoor” and the “outdoor” shoes. My new shoes were replacing my old Nike’s for outdoor use only. I get a little wary buying outdoor shoes because of how fast some of them fall apart/get dirty. I do have to say for outdoor use these are the best shoes I have come across. No point in spending $100 on outdoor shoes when they are more likely to get dirty and breakdown faster. These shoes have tons of great features. Such as the grip on the bottom which is great for those of you who love hiking (much like myself). I also noticed they have MEMORY FOAM INSERTS! Why wouldn’t you want extra support on your feet when you take on crazy adventures? Also for anyone who likes wandering around at night they have a built-in reflectors on each side. My favorite part is the BRIGHT color! Who doesn’t like a nice pair of neon running shoes? Also I usually get immense pain in my calves but these shoes seem to steer me clear of any pain. I do have to say I have never bought such a nice pair of running shoes for under $60! So don’t waste any time check them out now!

“Good shoes take you good places”

xoxo laur