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Who else murdered their diet during Easter weekend?
I know I cant be the only one…. (lol)

Well, here’s to the next 21 days of cutting.

I personally have been vegetarian for about 7 months now and I have decided I am going to attempt a vegan diet.

It will probably take me a few weeks to be 100% vegan but for now I am going to try my hardest.

The next 21 days I will be following a STRICT meal plan as well as a STRICT workout plan. I will be following like I said a mainly plant-based diet which I will share below. I will also be following Laura Coppersmith workout routine I got for free over the weekend (one month free trial). Along with incorporating some of the workouts from the app called “better me”.

Day 1 

April 2nd

Today’s workout:


20 minutes on the elliptical (cardio button)

25 minutes on the treadmill (incline 10) (speed 3.0)


Deadlift (with dumbbells) 4 sets of 12

Dumbbell bent over row 4 sets of 12

Seated cable rows 4 sets of 12

Cable pulldown 4 set of 12

Reverse close grip pull down 4 sets of 12

Better Me App:

15 crunches

30 second arm plank with knee dip

15 reverse crunch straight

Today’s Diet: (intermittent fasting) 

Smoothie at 1:00 pm

Bowl with quinoa, vegan meat and some vegetables

Protein bar

Rice cake


Quote of the day: “The body achieves what the mind believes” 


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Dare To Change

Well, I decided to pick up some groceries and I was drawn back to my vegetarian ways. I picked up some “bacon” from the brand morning star (100% vegetarian), some soy burgers and stuff to make smoothies (because I’m addicted to tropical smoothie cafe lol and if you don’t know what that is I encourage you to look it up). I have been eating A LOT of bacon tomato sandwiches which is not good for my health AT ALL. But I couldn’t help my self, especially when my grandpa grows fresh vegetables for my family, how could I pass that up? Those of you who have gardens know exactly what I’m talking about, home-grown vegetables are THE BOMB. Anyway, I decided to purchase some veggie bacon to substitute it on my sandwich and OMG, it was amazing. As I was cooking it in the microwave I could smell a strong sent, and it smelt just like BACON. Although it doesn’t look anything like it, it taste the same, personally I think it taste better. I also have been eating “Harvest Snaps” for a while now. They are one of the healthiest alternatives to chips, they are made from lentil beans with 40% less fat. And the best part about them? THEY ARE VEGAN. So today I took the challenge to change a small step in my diet to become a healthier version of myself. What did you do to improve yourself today?

Happy Friday,

xoxo laur


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Why Vegan?

Hey guys, welcome back to my page. So two nights ago I was laying in my bed watching “What The Health” and was disgusted in my self that I had given up bring vegetarian exactly a year ago. In my process of being vegetarian I learned so much, that even my favorite soup from Panera Bread (broccoli and cheddar) I was unable to eat because it contained chicken broth in it. Near the end go my time being a vegetarian I wont lie I had developed some unhealthy eating habits. So here is some advice I can give you. When cutting out meat it is VERY important to REPLACE it not just eliminate it. Replacing meat can go as far from my favorite vegan brand “Morning Star” to just plain tofu. Because I did it all wrong, instead of replacing I was eliminating and began to become unhealthy. I was eating an overload of pasta, cereal and candy. Well because that’s all I could eat right? WRONG. I should have been indulging in healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grain pastas, and tofu. Don’t make the same mistake as me it’s not fun. Also I believe going vegan is probably the best option out there (all though you may believe different) I think you should gradually go vegan. Don’t just wake up one morning and decide it time to be vegan because it just doesn’t work that way. You will end up buying $500 dollars worth of groceries just to throw them all away. So instead try it the smart way, gradually turn your shopping list vegan. You need to learn to start replacing rather than to wing it and be lost with nothing to eat because what you think may not have animal products in it probably actually does. 90% of the things you eat will probably some way, shape, or form lead back to an animal product. I did some research the other day and found out that even chips contain chicken fat. Now isn’t that just disgusting? We are so blind to what we are really doing and the hard evidence behind it that we refuse to believe that what we are eating is bad. Isn’t it sad that we continue to eat meat after it was labeled a carcinogenic. HOW GROSS. Am I right? Yet after reading this article you will most likely still return to McDonald’s and support the biggest industry in this world that is killing off man kind. Whether we want to believe it or not it’s happening. So you either support it or choose to change. I’m not telling you to become vegan over night because that will never happen and if it does it’s not the healthy way. I’m just telling you to choose wisely. There are researches done that prove eating processed meat is equivalent to smoking 5 cigarettes. So quit frankly we’ve been smoking our whole lives? SO now decide, is it time to quit?

I hope you all make a step in a healthy direction today. Have a blessed evening


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Letty Mae’s Tea Room

Hola my fellow tea lovers! Ever heard of Letty Mae’s? If you haven’t you’re MISSING OUT. Well to start Letty Mae’s has created a breath-taking vintage theme which ties together very well with their menu (tons of healthy options)! They are also well-known for their yummy pastries, sad I didn’t get to try any because they ran out. Instead I order the turkey sandwich with chips and sampled their strawberry soup. YUM. The sandwich I had came on marble bread with many  different vegetables also with a few sauces which I would usually would never eat but OMG their sandwich was one of a kind. You may be thinking how it’s just a cold turkey sandwich? Honestly I’m not sure but it was great. Also their strawberry soup is tasty, highly recommend the strawberry or peach soup if you are a smoothie drinker. Oh ya and their TEA! Tea drinkers, this shop has multiple different flavors of teas I have never even heard of. (I’m sure they are all amazing)

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Letty Mae’s and grab yourself a scone with a well deserved cup of tea.

xoxo laur

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Do you even vape bro? #VitaminVape

Every heard of vaping your vitamins? Me either lol, well welcome to 2017 folks. The new and improved vitamin vape pen is taking over. It is proven to be 100s of times more effective then taking a regular vitamin in pill form. The vape pen is specifically b12, which is the vitamin in which gives your body a boost of natural energy. I personally have been taking b12 for YEARS and I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference, it just became part of my daily routine. UNTILL, I tried the vitamin vape pen! It works 100x faster than taking the b12 pill, because inhaling it into your lungs allows it to get absorbed into your system faster, where as taking a pill is an elongated process that 90% of the time you don’t even receive the good nutrients from it because it is already decomposing. So it’s time to kick the b12 pills to the curb my friend. —-> VITAMIN VAPE PEN <— Click here to receive 25% off your very own vitamin vape pen!


xoxo laur

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What’s Better Than New Shoes?

For me getting a new pair of shoes is so rewarding, but getting a $35 dollar pair of running shoes is a STEAL. I never thought I could veer away from Nike’s but my new shoes haven’t failed to impress me yet. So I bought my new shoes at Payless and the brand is a bit odd (champion) I haven’t really heard much of, but they are GREAT. For me I have two pairs of workout shoes the “indoor” and the “outdoor” shoes. My new shoes were replacing my old Nike’s for outdoor use only. I get a little wary buying outdoor shoes because of how fast some of them fall apart/get dirty. I do have to say for outdoor use these are the best shoes I have come across. No point in spending $100 on outdoor shoes when they are more likely to get dirty and breakdown faster. These shoes have tons of great features. Such as the grip on the bottom which is great for those of you who love hiking (much like myself). I also noticed they have MEMORY FOAM INSERTS! Why wouldn’t you want extra support on your feet when you take on crazy adventures? Also for anyone who likes wandering around at night they have a built-in reflectors on each side. My favorite part is the BRIGHT color! Who doesn’t like a nice pair of neon running shoes? Also I usually get immense pain in my calves but these shoes seem to steer me clear of any pain. I do have to say I have never bought such a nice pair of running shoes for under $60! So don’t waste any time check them out now!

“Good shoes take you good places”

xoxo laur


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Good afternoon, I just wanted to share with you guys my newest health addiction. Baí. These drinks are amazing for anyone who loves juice or needs energy. I usually drink one before I run because it gives me a mass amount of energy so I can hold my stamina up longer than usual. These drinks make me feel full so I then crave less food (which is hard to imagine for me lol). So I highly recommend these drinks for appetite suppressant as well!

Whats your latest health kick?


xoxo laur