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Greatest Lesson Of 2018 (Bahamas)

Hey guys and welcome back, this time I am writing you from what feels like a whole new me. I have recently gained an eminence amount of self-confidence and motivation. I am determined this year will be MY YEAR. (I’m not kidding) But anyway, FIRST VACATION of 2018 was a huge success. My sister and I took our first trip ALONE. It was crazy. Her just turning 25 years old a week ago (Happy Birthday sis) and myself being 19 it was incredible. We got to take on the world by ourselves and see things through our own prospective. I mean what a better way to start 2018 than in the Bahamas with your sister? Come on, it’s a no brainer lol. But I learned so much in just 5 short days of being on the resort called “Bahama Breeze”.

Lessons learned while in the Bahamas:

  1. So the first night of our vacation my sister and I got all dressed up and went out to dinner. While after taking our seat a man who worked at the resort came up to us and asked politely if he may sit with us. Of course we let him and right away the conversations had begun. He started in by asking us what we wanted to do when we were older, I told him I was going into the entertainment industry pushing to be an actress. Then the next few sentences that came out of his mouth will stick with me forever. He said, “Never try to be anyone but yourself” he then continued on with “you will be very successful in life if you remain loyal to yourself and never want to be anyone but you.” It was like god had sent down an angel to tell me what needed to be done and then we never spoke the rest of the vacation.
  2. Two days into the trip we met an amazing group of people all in their 40’s and 50’s, but we immediately became friends with them. They were such great people. After learning that two of the ladies we were friends with had just recently fought breast cancer, it was sad, but proof that you never know what someones going through until you truly sit down and get to know someone. They were such strong women, I am glad they are healthy and kicking cancers ass. But one of those ladies left me with some words I needed to hear that day. She told me “How I should never settle for anything less than I deserve” She went on saying “No one deserves to be treated badly, everyone deserves to be treated like a queen”. The last little bit has truly made a HUGE impact on my life this week. Simply because it has led me to this saying…. “Love will find you, but you must love yourself first”.
  3. After having a wonderful time in the Bahamas, I was looking at my phone just scrolling through Instagram when this quote that I will now be living by popped up on my screen, “She is at a place in her life where peace is her priority and negativity cannot exist”. When I read that quote I felt like it was placed on my timeline for a specific reason as though god had one last piece of advice for me before I returned home. Trust me it worked, I feel so new. I am at the beginning of my best life and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Besides the lessons I learned, I just overall became so much more aware and thankful of things that I use to take for granted in the past. It’s crazy how unaware you can become when you are blinded by something that you had no idea that was toxic to your life in the first place. But from here on out I have made a pack to myself to focus on MYSELF. Yes people, be selfish, its okay I promise. Because when you’re not, life tends to pass you by and you become less concerned about your own problems and more worried about the situations others are going through. I am not sitting here writing this to tell you to become heartless (because that’s not the case) I am simply telling you its okay to do things because YOU want to. It is okay to do things that make YOU happy even if that means not everyone agrees with you. The simple way of saying this is, it is okay for you to remain you. In fact it is important.

So if you have someone or something that is dragging you down and controlling YOUR life. Get rid of it. Take the pen out of their hand and write your own damn story, because trust me if you don’t do it now 10 years from now you might be filled with regret wondering why you didn’t make the decision sooner.

Quote of the day: “Be better than you’ve ever been before”

xoxo laur

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Hey guys, WELCOME BACK. I know this weekend is a little hectic with all the festivities going on around us, but if you have just a few minutes of free time to vote for my sister and I to be the next “Cancun Ceo” (to take over their social media), I WOULD HIGHLY APPRECIATE that, everyone is allowed to vote ONCE a day, so if you could come back for the next 27 days and CLICK VOTE, I’d appreciate that tremendously, but one time is greatly appreciated as well. You guys are awesome! Please help us become Cancun’s next CEO!

There are 2 simple steps in voting:

  1. Click on the link attached
  2. Click VOTE

xoxo laur

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Tips To Succeeding

Trying to succeed but no matter what you do you always feel drained and like you haven’t put in enough effort? Well, the number one reason humans fall behind or lose focus on their dream is due to comparing themselves to other people. Before I go further into deal lets start the list of


  1. NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. I know that I mentioned this above but it is VERY important. But from time to time I have caught myself comparing myself to others, rather that’s on their successes or by looks, whatever it is NO ONE will ever compare to you. You are a unique individual and by comparing yourself to others you start to lose your importance. You need to stay loyal to yourself by giving yourself daily reminders about why you are the way you are and how successful you can be if you just keep PUSHING. Overnight success isn’t a real thing, you must work for it. So enough comparing and more ENCOURAGING.
  2. MAKE GOALS. This one seems pretty common, but a lot people forget about it. Enough with making 5 goals that you wont achieve for years and start creating REALISTIC goals you can crush in a week or two that will bring you closer to your 5 main goals. That’s the problem with todays society’s is we lack the steps between average and awesome. We tend to think that as long as we have a few major goals out there we will some day reach them. WRONG, if you aren’t taking baby steps along the way, then how are you move any closer to achieving your true dream? Your not, so write those down but underneath chose 5 goals you can meet every week to get you a STEP closer to your main focus. Try and keep weekly, monthly and yearly goals! You will be amazed at what you can achieve.
  3. GET UP EARLIER. Getting out of bed earlier then we have to? Ew, why? (was exactly my reaction) But after getting myself up earlier I have noticed I am LESS tired and more likely to be more productive. It’s weird how over sleeping can make you feel exhausted but waking up early can actually be REFRESHING. I can’t promise that you will spring out of bed the second your alarm goes off (I sure don’t lol) but I promise you will begin to notice positive changes in your mood and behavior.
  4. STAY ORGANIZE. Yes, I know, the thought of being organized constantly is stressful, but trust me it will help more than you think. I am not very good at staying organized but when I do, I notice such a huge difference in the amount of things I get accomplished. This could be as small as just making your bed every morning. For me the though of making my bed EVERY morning was just a waste of time for me. But then I realized, if the space around me is clean I worry less about that and more about the things I need to accomplish that day.
  5. WORKOUT. You may ask, what does working out have anything to do with being successful. Well, by working out you not only increase your mood but your overall health which carries over into how productive you are through out your day. Say you start your day with an hour workout, that not only wakes you up but it gets your blood flowing as well as your metabolism moving. So don’t think you have to workout to get “fit”. Workout to be successful.

Alright guys so those are some of the quick tips I have for you to the start of a SUCCESSFUL lifestyle. If you would like me to expand on to this post and turn it into a YouTube video, let me know!

Thanks you guys are awesome,

Quote of the day: Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what your INSPIRE others to do

xoxo laur


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Hey guys welcome back, I am so excited to announce I have officially finished editing my second vlog. WOAHHHH! Can’t wait to share it with the world tonight. You can find the link to the video in my instagram bio at about 8pm tonight. Yay, I’ve never been so excited. So a little glimpse about what you will be seeing in my 2nd vlog. As you know this past weekend I was in NYC visiting my sister, while I was there I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to create my 2nd vlog, in which I did. Anyway, I captured various shots around NYC including, Time Square, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn, NYC art, Washington Square park, Rockefeller Center, 9/11 Museum, The Oculus, The Skyline, and many more.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts of my vlog, be sure to stay tuned.

P.S. I look forward to hearing constructive criticism as well. I am looking to expand my vlogging potential and hearing your thoughts will help me a tremendous amount, thank you, I am so grateful for all your support.

I hope you all have a rockin’ day,

Quote Of The Day: “Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To TRY.”

xoxo laur


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Chicago Bloggers

Hey guys, thank you so much for all the support on my blog, you all mean so much to me. I am currently looking for some local bloggers to meet up with and do a collab! Looking to do some trade work as well as make friendships. It’s important we all support each other on our journey so I feel as though a meet up would be a great opportunity to help one another grow.

I am located in the Chicago area,

if you are interested in doing a collab or meeting up leave a comment blow, or follow me on instagram and shoot me a DM.

feel free to email me as well:

I look forward to meeting up soon.

xoxo laur

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Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant Review NYC

Jekyll  & Hyde restaurant: I really hate giving bad reviews but personally this place was a huge disappointment. We had a bought a groupon, which allowed us 2 appetizers, 4 entries, and we each were allowed a drink of our choice. (only thing excluded was the steak) Sounds great right? Well so we thought. We arrived at the restaurant with open minds ready to take on a new experience. After being sat down, we then placed our order and got our drinks. The appetizers were great. But then it all went down hill from there. First it started with my milkshake, I understand it is ice cream but when they brought it out, it was liquid and tasted like milk. Then came out our food (which we waited 30 mins for) we were starving at this point so we dived right in. Only to find out that the food we paid almost $200 for 4 of us was AWFUL. The pasta was so dry and the chicken was chewy. My vegetarian burger was GROSS, I personally have never had a bad burger, but this one, wasn’t even editable. Along with my moms food, her BBQ was dried up and said it came with “onion straws” LIES, they put a few chunks of onion on the top of the burger which also didn’t taste good. (my dad’s food wasn’t bad he had chicken wings) I also don’t know why but each person who eats there is charged a $3 “entertainment fee” mind you there was ONE girl walking around “entertaining” and personally she was just more annoying then anything. The waiters weren’t dressed in character. There was no entertainment. I will say there was a few cool statues in the place which moved but definitely not worth the money. When we received our bill we then noticed a $39 fee (which the groupon didn’t cover) This was a $30 tip along with the “groupon activation fee” so we paid $149 for GARBAGE. I have never been so disappointed in my life. Avoid at all cost and SAVE your money. There are many other restaurants in the city in which entertain and this one was NOT the one to go to.

hate giving bad reviews, but save your money guys, hope you all had a blessed weekend

xoxo laur